A small change to school documents


I am a biracial male attending Patrick Henry High School. I am writing to raise awareness about changing the “choose one race” in official school district documents.

Adding “biracial” to the official documents for Minneapolis Public schools allows students to be biracial. The State of Minnesota allows you to be biracial. The Country allows you to be biracial, yet the Minneapolis Public Schools still chooses to have students pick on race.

It’s a small change to school documents. What they could do is say ‘circle’ or ‘mark all that apply’ to you. They could have biracial be in the categories with Black, White, Latino and Asian, but have a subcategory stating if you are biracial choose all that apply.

The district should not care what race you are. There is supposed to be no benefit depending on your race, so does it really matter? It matters to me because under the State of Minnesota I am biracial, so under the Minneapolis Public School district I would wish to be biracial.

I would appreciate community support on raising awareness about changing the school documents. If there is a legitimate reason for students not being allowed to be biracial, the community would like to know.

Allen Hayward,

Shingle Creek