Tips for a safe holiday season


          As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming holiday season I would like us all to keep in mind that this season can produce prime opportunities for the criminal.  Here are just a few reminders to keep your holidays safe and enjoyable.

If you are traveling this holiday season, please remember to not advertise your travel plans. Make sure to keep travel plans off your social media networks. Don’t post where you’re going, when you are leaving, or when you will be back, because you’re basically just making a thief’s job easier. Let a trustworthy neighbor know if you’re planning to go out of town for the holiday season, so that they can keep an eye on your house. Have the neighbor grab your mail and newspapers while you’re away, or better yet put both your mail and newspaper on a vacation hold.  Don’t hide a key outside the house.

Whether you’re traveling across town or around the world, help ensure your trip is safe. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t let someone else drink and drive. Wear a seat belt every time you drive or ride in a motor vehicle. Always buckle your child in the car using a child safety seat, booster seat, or seat belt according to his/her height, weight and age. Get vaccinations if traveling out of the country.

If you plan on doing some holiday shopping for your friends and family here are a few suggestions to keep in mind. Only carry the right amount of currency, whether it be cash or credit cards. Carry on your person only the amount you need, anything extra you risk losing or having stolen. If you shop online make sure to be home when packages are to be delivered. If you cannot be home, then try to plan to have them delivered to a safe location.  A trusted neighbor or friend, a relative’s house, or your work if applicable.  If you are going to take advantage of holiday sales park in well-lit areas, always lock your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings. Always lock you purchases in your trunk and do not remove them until you are home and it is safe to do so.

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.