Be resolved in the new year


This article was written by Bill Magnuson CCP/SAFE

January is the time when we traditionally make resolutions for the New Year to improve our quality of life such as lose weight or stop smoking. Here are a few crime prevention resolutions that are also important to your safety and well-being.

I resolve to:
*Lock car doors and put belongings out of sight every time I get out.
*Close my garage door, and make sure it is secured when not in use.
*Set home security alarm if applicable, lock my windows and doors, and turn on the outside lights and leave them on.
*Watch out for my neighbor’s house and property when they are away.
*Call 911 if I see something suspicious that is not normal for my neighborhood.
*Work together with my neighbors and law enforcement by being watchful to help keep crime out.
*Secure my phone and computer to help protect against scammers and hackers.
*Practice situational awareness to be alert for criminals looking for the unsuspecting victim.
*Do not leave vehicle running with keys in it, even for a few minutes while it warms up. *Have a Crime Prevention Specialist come to my house, business, or house of worship to conduct a security assessment.
2019 provides the opportunity to be a great year. Let’s work together to prevent criminal activity from flourishing in our communities and businesses throughout Minneapolis.