Neighborhoods 2020

On July 5, a selection committee reviewed applications and selected representatives for the Neighborhoods 2020 work groups. Community representatives from Camden area neighborhoods include Brandon Burbach (Webber-Camden), Beryl Ann Burton (Folwell), Erika Dani (Equity representative, Victory), Kelley Skumautz (McKinley), Nate Streeter (Cultural Community representative, Folwell), and Danielle Tietjen (Folwell).

Over the next few months, three work groups will develop in-depth policy related to how neighborhood associations are organized on the topics of funding and program guidelines, governance, and the City’s community engagement policy. The expected end product of the work groups will be a set of policy recommendations for consideration by the City Council meant to replace current neighborhood funding mechanisms and guidelines that will otherwise expire at the end of 2020.

Policy questions from the work groups will be posted on the City’s website and through the Neighborhoods 2020 mailing list. Anyone can view work group and meeting information and sign up for the mailing list at The work groups will also conduct meetings across the City in order to engage with people and receive public comment.

We look forward to honoring Northside values and experiences as part of the Neighborhoods 2020 team, and we are excited to be part of the process to develop a robust and creative community-based engagement framework that will allow the City to marshal the resources, energy, and creativity of all of its residents for a better future.