Elect Blong Yang


Blong Yang, running for Hennepin County Commissioner, is the most positive thing in politics today! A former recipient of county services now wants to lead that same system. That is the embodiment of the American Dream.

Blong worked hard and put himself through college (UCLA) and law school (University of MN). He became an attorney. His first job was with Legal Aid right here in the Webber-Camden neighborhood. He continued his law practice for over a decade. He then worked for Minneapolis as a civil rights investigator. He spent four years on the Minneapolis City Council where he chaired the Public Safety Committee and secured funding for body cameras. He resurrected the $1 Housing Program and spearheaded the Infill Housing Program which saved almost 100 homes from demolition and converted them into new rehabbed homes.

All these experiences will translate nicely to the county board. We need a county commissioner who will look out for our interests. A county commissioner who is fiscally responsible. Blong is that and more. That’s why I’m supporting him for Hennepin County Commissioner.


Mai Neng Moua,