Visions for Northside Parks


After spending 14 months attending large and small community events, collecting community input for the nearly 40 Northside parks, bringing in park designers from across the country to give their input on initial drafts, and then seeking further input and refinements from the community on the proposed park designs, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) staff and North Service Area Master Plan (NSAMP) Citizen Advisory Committee on July 16 concluded when they reviewed and made their final recommendations on all Northside parks.

The NSAMP CAC efforts were to create new, long-term plans for all Minneapolis neighborhood parks north of I-394 and west of the Mississippi River. NSAMP will consider how parks are operated, maintained, and improved. It will include plans for all exterior facilities — athletic fields, playgrounds, trails, etc. — but not buildings or recreation centers,” states MPRB website. The MPRB’s next steps are to prepare a final document and distribute it for a 45-day public comment period, which is anticipated to take place by mid-August and run through October 1. After the public comment period has ended the final document will go before the MPRB where they will be prioritized and approved incorporating the uniquely MPRB designed equity ranking system. These park improvement plans are just that—plans. What gets prioritized and funded by the MPRB has yet to be determined.

The park areas were given designations and several parks were incorporated into each area. Areas like the Shingle Creek Regional Ponds, North Mississippi Regional Park, Victory Memorial Parkway were not included in this North Service Area Master Planning effort because they already have master plans through other agencies. The two large designated areas in the Camden area were the Shingle Creek area and the Northwest area.

The Shingle Creek area includes the Shingle Creek Regional trail, Shingle Creek Park,49th to Bohanon Park, Humboldt Greenway, Creekview Park, and Webber Park.  The NSAMP CAC approved recommendations are still draft plans and could change pending MPRB Board review and approvals this fall. The proposed improvements based on community input so far are:

The Shingle Creek/Creekview Park area maps were revised several times prior to final recommendation due to community input. It would include a larger identified potential footprint for a larger Creekview Park Recreation Center, a new Sepak Takraw court area, Pickleball area, art along the bridges and wayfairing markers, Shingle Creek improvements, bench and light improvements along the Shingle Creek trail, adult fitness stations and basketball court improvements. The Creekview Park skateboard park would be moved and improved to the west of Creekview Park.

Bohanon Park is proposed to gain a sliding hill, a new small performance stage, new climbing area, hvac improvements at the warming house, possible relocation of basketball courts slightly, and gain a stormwater wetland winter skating rink close to the hockey rink. The proposed plan would remove some of the ball diamonds and reposition the cricket court from a north-south orientation to an east-west orientation and include other park amenities near the remaining ball diamond on the west.

Webber Park area would relocate and improve the basketball court area, improve tennis courts, and picnic area near food trucks and pool entrance.

The Northwest area includes Cleveland, Folwell, Ryan Lake, Victory Prairie Dog Park, and Victory Park. The proposed improvements based on community input are:

Cleveland Park: Improve by reorienting some of the park assets by relocating the park building to the north end of the site, add a new splash pad, update playground, add adult fitness area, new skateboard park, new amphitheater, new natural area, relocate and expand basketball courts and reconfigure shared parking lot and open up the south area for potential new development.

Folwell park: Improve multi-use fields/diamonds, add new terrace seating and stage, relocate and expand basketball, relocate and improve wading pool, potential building expansion to the north and south ends of the building, new stormwater area, new playgrounds, relocate parking lot access to Knox Ave N rather than 36th Ave N, add a new all-wheel park, new multi-use field, new public art, new natural area and new orchard.

Loring Park: New bike playground loop, new climbing adventure play area, new nature play area, new orchard, new splash pad, improved play area and new gaga ball pit.

Ryan Lake park: New boardwalk connection for trails, new dock, improved picnic area, new canoe/kayak launch and storage, new shelter, new neighborhood play area.

Victory Prairie Dog Park: New pedestrian underpass, new entrance on the west end, shelter and water station.

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