Fourth Ward Report


Council Member Phillipe Cunningham
Phone: 673-2204
Web page:
Contact Form: 4/contact-ward4

During the 2017 campaign, a top priority that emerged from the constituents of the 4th Ward was to have an engaged City Councilmember. This summer, I have made it my personal mission to get out and engage with the community here in the ward by door knocking! I hope to build relationships with constituents to better understand their issues, concerns, and interests about their neighborhoods, communities and their local governing body to better build an actively engaged Northside.

The true purpose of my door knocking campaign is to boost participation in the civic engagement process to build and foster more sustainable forms of political power in the 4th Ward. Having a robust community engagement plan is at the core of the work I would like to do for Ward 4 residents. Door knocking can help achieve this goal by educating more members of the community on not only the power of local governments, but the power they have within their own local governments. Having the voices of residents represented throughout the policy process at the City of Minneapolis is imperative for the success of building greater political power in the ward.

Ultimately, I would like to see increases in voter turnout in the ward, an increased presence of Northside residents involved in City Council public hearings, and demonstrated political empowerment for constituents in the 4th Ward. The Northside has been underutilized for far too long and I hope to contribute to the undoing of the historical patterns of disengagement in the ward.

Additionally, I would like to ask the community to keep the Ward 4 Office up to date on events happening in the ward and if there are any events you would particularly like me to attend. I want to support and show up for the community in any way I can!

If you would like to volunteer to door knock with Councilman Phillipe Cunningham, you can reach out to the Ward 4 Office about getting involved. Follow the 4th Ward’s Facebook page to stay update about additional opportunities to get involved!