Watch out for demolition crews



We recently had a problem house on our block demolished. The contractor doing the job used my parking pad and garage apron to get his trucks onto the property to load debris and unload dirt. In the process, they broke some of the concrete of the apron and some walkway stones. They also tore up the parking pad.


The crew came back and patched in some cement on the apron and put down new walk stones. They also dumped a load of dirt on the parking pad, leveled it and called it done. The material they dumped was the recycled highway material that is normally reused under new roadways. They claim the material is code and won’t do anything else to it. The problem properties inspectors say the problem is between me and the contractor … their contractor!


So if you see a demolition crew on your block, make sure you either don’t give them permission to use your property or you have them sign a form that they’ll repair what they destroy. Don’t assume they’ll do the right thing … they will do what’s financially best for them.


Donna Seline,