There’s an app for that — McGruff goes mobile

Do you know what is happening in your neighborhood? Has there been a recent burglary near your home? There’s an app for that!  Enter McGruff Mobile; powered by AlertID, the free national online and mobile service that helps to reduce crime, protect families and bring neighbors together. AlertID has partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council (home to McGruff the Crime Dog ®) to create this simple but powerful app to help keep us safe whether we are at home, work, school or traveling.

Download the McGruff Mobile smartphone app and enroll for a free membership. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to view an interactive map displaying crimes and sex offenders in your neighborhood. You will now be able to receive alerts and information via email or mobile device for as many addresses as you like, and you can even get information where you are standing—even as you are reading this. After signing up, you can receive law enforcement emergency alerts, crime and sex offender alerts, prevention tips, severe weather alerts, hazardous material alerts and much more. The app also includes a virtual neighborhood watch where you can share photos and information about suspicious activity with neighbors, police, and even Homeland Security.

“Within the first week of college, my friend got raped and mugged by a gang. I was fearful of walking around my campus at night. After downloading the McGruff Mobile app, I feel more aware in my surroundings,” said Max Mescall, a fulltime college student.

The McGruff Mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, provides important alerts from trusted sources that can be used to keep you and your family safe at work, home or at play. It helps you to stay informed and alert and offers safety and prevention tips for all alerts. The virtual neighborhood watch can be used for your home, other addresses, or your current location.

Safety has never been simpler and more personalized. You can customize your account to receive only the information you prefer and can add as many addresses as you like. Want to make sure Mom and Dad’s house is safe? No problem, it takes only a few seconds. Join with other members across the United States who already receive local crime prevention and other alerts at their fingertips.

Disclaimer:  The Minneapolis Police Department and its members do not in any way endorse or advocate this app’s use. This article is presenting a way through a technology tool that can assist in improving ones safety and awareness.