Success through the arts




Project SUCCESS knows theater can make a powerful impact on the lives of students – especially when the content of those performances is relevant and presented in a way that resonates with the things happening in their own lives. Research also shows that school groups assigned to go see a live play report greater social tolerance and a greater ability to see a situation from different perspectives. At a time when arts funding is being cut in the schools, it’s critical for students to have exposure to live theater.


Building on a 25-year partnership with the Guthrie Theater, Project SUCCESS brought the entire student body of Patrick Henry High School to see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner on May 24. With themes of hope triumphing over fear, and the value of seeing the world from many different perspectives, the play is both relevant to current events – and directly applies to the lives of the young people every day. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner forces us to reflect on the ways our world has (and hasn’t) evolved in the past 50+ years.


Project SUCCESS uses theater as a springboard for discussion and create curriculum for students to support them in discussing and processing the content of the show. All students attending have already participated in Project SUCCESS-designed curriculum focused on the themes of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.