Winter Youth Sportsmanship Award winners

y-winter awards girls basketball


The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board presented the 2018 Winter Youth Sportsmanship Awards at the Board of Commissioners meeting on May 2. Awards were given to four neighborhood park sports teams and their coaches, and nine individual youth. Teams were recognized for their players’ outstanding display of positive attitudes, commitment, dedication, persistence and overcoming adversity. Coaches were recognized for being positive role models, loyal to the program, emphasizing team work, demonstrating strong work ethic and passion, and engaging players and parents to have fun.

Congratulations to the Basketball Girls League Police Activities League 16U (pictured), and to the following individuals: Most Improved Player Award: Hockey,Thea Larson, North Commons Bulldogs – 11U Open; and Logan Traviss, North Commons Bulldogs – Squirts.

The awarded teams were chosen from among 221 basketball, hockey and wrestling youth sports teams for demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship throughout the winter season. The awarded individual athletes were chosen among 2,375 youth athletes who participated in one of the three winter sports in 2018. A total of 423 coaches dedicated 30,621 hours to their teams.