Call for artists and art

The “New” Northside Arts Collective is re-emerging. We are getting back to the basics of providing display space for two-dimensional artwork at the Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center (also known as the Heritage Center), 1015 N. 4th St.

Northside Arts Collective (NAC) members may display artwork up to four times per year at the Heritage Center, and currently we are in a rebuilding membership process so there is a great deal of wall space available (over 300 linear feet). There is a potential to display six pieces per quarter (up to 24 pieces per year). The membership for NAC is $50 for the entire year.

The roots of the NAC are in North Minneapolis, however due to the generous wall space available at the Heritage Center the membership is open to artists in the Minneapolis area. The Center is open 8 hours weekdays and 6 hours Saturday for potential buyers to view artwork. Self-guided tour handouts will list artists displaying and also contact information. The tour handout will encourage viewers to “make an appointment with your artist” if there is a style the viewer wants to see more of. NAC artists that have studios in their homes can appreciate being contacted directly by viewers that may wish to purchase artwork not displayed at the Heritage Center, but in the style they could appreciate owning.

Four publicized opening receptions will take place throughout the year. The first was on April 20. Ongoing we will be promoting this as an “Alternative Gallery” open 6 days a week. Purchases may be made directly through the artist or by contacting gallery coordinator Tom Wolfe.

Artwork needs to be suitable for family viewing, and needs to be framed or gallery wrapped with hanging hardware attached. For info or membership consideration, contact Tom Wolfe at 612-275-9497 or

This article was written by Barbara Riddle