Helping hands at local gardens

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Helping hands at local gardens

…a joint request from the Northside Growers Collective

Written by Kelley Skumautz

Leaders at several area gardens and farms have united to form a grower’s collective and they invite community members to help with garden activities. The collective is in search of volunteer support at vegetable, herb and native plant gardens in several neighborhoods including Cleveland, Folwell and McKinley.

Activities range from preparing soil, to planting seeds and starters, to watering and weeding, and harvesting produce. The idea is to put out one call for volunteer support, then match people with the option that best suits their time, availability, interests, and geography. We are confident that opportunities will abound every day of the week during most daylight hours, and any level of experience, ability, or commitment is welcome. Call 612-564-3478 to inquire or sign up. Thank you and let’s grow better together!