Camden News impressions 

I recently reread copies of the Camden Community News starting in September 2017 through the current January 2018 issues.  I am pleased at the number of writers the Camden News has attracted and how interesting their articles are.

Articles bring to our attention things we want to know more about such as: our neighborhood parks; local events like Holiday on Forty-Fourth; letters from residents about their concerns; and histories about the late Governor Floyd B. Olson and many other leaders — including one article from former MN State Representative and a founder of the Camden News, Joe Mullery, who wrote about the late State Senator Carl Kroening. And there are articles on plants and gardening by a former Camden News board member and friend, Debbie Nelson. More of the writers are fairly new, like Kelly Ekstrom, a naturalist writing about interesting reptiles, plants and animals living along our Mississippi. There are community arts and sports, events at Patrick Henry High and other neighborhood schools, the new Webber Library, etc.

The Camden Community News is our paper. There is ever so much more going on in our community that only a vital neighborhood newspaper can keep us abreast of it all.

John Bispala,