Keep your car safe from thieves


Winter is here and along with it are colder temperatures. One thing that becomes a temptation is to start our vehicles and leave them unattended to warm up. Waiting for a car to warm up is uncomfortable; no one wants to do that. Having your vehicle stolen, however, is more than uncomfortable, it is life changing. Auto theft can happen to anyone for any reason; sometimes no matter how careful you are in making sure your vehicle is safe, a good car thief can ruin your day in an instant. There is absolutely no need to make it easier by leaving your vehicle unattended and running. Although this practice is against the law, the Minneapolis Police Department is not in the habit of issuing citations to crime victims. Instead they would like you to follow some general suggestions.

You can save yourself, and your family, a lot of frustration, stress and interruption to your daily life by taking some precautions to reduce the risk of having your vehicle become a target. There are simple steps you can take to make your car, and the valuables in it, less attractive to thieves. An unlocked vehicle with a key in the ignition is an open invitation to any thief, regardless of any anti-theft device you may use. The common-sense approach to protection is the simplest and most cost-effective way to avoid would-be thieves.
You should always secure your vehicle, even if you’re parking for “just a minute.” Do this by: removing your keys from the ignition; locking all of your doors; closing all of your windows; parking in a well-lit area; and never leaving your engine running and vehicle unlocked while you run into your home, a convenience store or anywhere else.

By following these simple suggestions you reduce your chance of becoming a crime victim.