Mississippi Courts and the Communities Surrounding Them 1949-2009  is now available online!

Over 100 families lived at the Mississippi Courts from 1949-1986. The Mississippi Courts were a small community of 25 uniquely built quad homes along the Mississippi River and on the lawn of the former Workhouse in the Camden Community of Minneapolis. They were also among the first public housing built in the post WWII era and in the state of Minnesota — opening their doors in 1949.

Fiddler Creek Publishing has launched the start of a unique ebook series on Amazon.com of the original 2010 sold-out printed publication Mississippi Courts and the Communities Surrounding Them 1949-2009  with minor revisions for ebook formatting and today’s readers.

The complete Mississippi Courts Series is overflowing with shared photographs, newspaper stories, and memories from the many families that lived in the Mississippi Courts from 1949 up until its demise when Interstate-94 construction came through in 1986. It includes rich historical and personal stories about historical places, people and things in the Camden area like the Workhouse, Hopewell Hospital, Camden Bank, Camden Bridge, Galeno’s grocery store, Paul Bunyan Aquatennial Canoe Derby, and more.

Series 1: History lays out the historical background and details the desperate need for housing and how the Mississippi Courts were “Heaven” to so many when they opened. The next in the series is: “Family First Hand Stories I” because this is where stories of the original residents of the Mississippi Courts begin.

The entire series will capture the entire 315 page original printed book. These two ebooks may be the perfect gift for that hard to buy for friend or relative! Share the stories of the lives of the residents who lived on the lawn of the former Minneapolis Workhouse and along the Mississippi River over this 60 year period!

For a limited time if you purchase these first two ebooks, you’ll receive a free bonus — a copy of the original 23 point historical Mississippi Courts Walking Tour 2004! That’s a 30 page bonus that will be emailed to you – it’s filled with additional stories, photographs and history about the Mississippi Courts and communities surrounding them from 1949-2009. But this is a limited time offer! So hurry and purchase your first two ebooks today at amazon.com/Mississippi-Courts-Communities-Surrounding-1949-2009-ebook/dp/B075PHG6C1/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1510790668&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=mississippi+courts+and+the+communities+history.