Behind the Victory Flagpole – Santa is here


T’was the night before Christmas and all over Camden Thousands of people were all out a scramblin’.

Looking for last minute gifts very nice

That just didn’t have a deplorable price.


For mom and for dad and for brother and sister

They hunted so long that they all popped a blister.


Let’s find us some cookies and milk just for Santa

So he can sit down in his shirt and his panta.


And play with the toys ‘fore the kids would awake

To see just how many that he could now break.


But something was happening up in the sky

And this I will swear that I never would lie.


‘Bout Santa’s reindeers that seemingly failed

And there was the sleigh on the Flagpole impaled.


With Santa all wrapped in the Victory flag

He yelled, “I’m afraid that I’ve hit a small snag.”


But that didn’t stop him–he slid down the pole

And managed to get himself back in control.


He yelled to the reindeer, “Get down here right now!”

A big gust of wind sure did help them somehow.


He loaded the sled with the packages strewn

And they pranced down the Drive in the light of the moon.