Shingle Creek

Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association

PO Box 15656, Minneapolis, MN 55415


Email:; Amy Luesebrink, staff, 612-597-9464


The SCNA Neighborhood and Board meeting

Tuesday, November 14 at Creekview Park

Creekview Park 6:30-8 p.m.

*All meetings are open to the public *All residents are encouraged to attend.

Any requests for special accommodations are welcome.

Contact SCNA staff seven days prior to meeting.

Do you have a passion for improving the neighborhood? We’re looking for you!

SCNA is seeking two Board Members

SCNA realizes life is busy for everyone. People leave the neighborhood or retire or get busier with work. It’s a part of life. The Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association, a 501c3 nonprofit, is currently seeking two volunteer board members! We are looking for diverse voices, faces and ideas! Contact us at 612-597-9464 to learn more and find out how to get started!

How can you get involved with Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association?

*Volunteer to serve on the Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association Board and help make decisions about planning, promoting and connecting the community!

*Volunteer for an upcoming event or activity

*Provide photos or stories for our monthly newsletter

Got questions? Contact us at Facebook: Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association,, 612-597-9464 or

Neighborhood approves SCNA Plan

We are excited to announce that the Shingle Creek Neighborhood approved its proposed 2018-2021 plan at its meeting last month. Now the work of implementing all of the strategies to implement over $500,000 worth of improvements and programs for creating a community center, improving youth, safety, food, gardens and much more in Shingle Creek and the larger Camden Community begins.

Have you adopted a nonprofit yet this year?

We invite you to consider the Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association. A 501c3 since 2006, SCNA has been working every year to keep residents informed and educated through our monthly newsletter and meetings, website and social media, events and ongoing advocacy for this community about planning, safety, housing, and ongoing city decisions that may affect homeowners and residents. Your support makes a huge difference!

To help support your local nonprofit neighborhood association, mail your donation to SCNA PO Box 15656, Mpls, MN 55415 or check out our website