Shingle Creek

Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association

PO Box 15656, Minneapolis, MN 55415


Email:; Amy Luesebrink, staff, 612-597-9464


The SCNA Neighborhood and Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 10 at Creekview Park, 6:30-8 p.m.


*All meetings are open to the public *All residents are encouraged to attend.

Any requests for special accommodations are welcome.

Contact SCNA staff seven days prior to meeting.


SCNA Neighborhood Vote, Tuesday, October 10

Attention Shingle Creek residents! Your vote matters!

You’re invited to join us on Tuesday, October 10 6:30-8 p.m. at Creekview Park


So what is a Neighborhood Vote?

The resident volunteer board of SCNA has spent countless hours asking residents for their input in order to update and prepare a plan for the future. The City of Minneapolis has yet to determine the funding they will make available beyond 2020 for neighborhood organizations. They have acknowledged neighborhood organizations provide a “core city service.”  SCNA has considered the community input, promised funds, remaining funds and the needs and challenges to create an overall three-year budget based on all those elements. On October 10, SCNA will be presenting the general budget categories and asking neighborhood residents to review and approve the plan. Each Shingle Creek resident has a vote. Come to learn more! Get involved!

We look forward to seeing you October 10!

Check out our website and October newsletter for more details.


Shingle Creek Regional Pond Planting Event

Saturday, October 14, 9-noon

The Shingle Creek Regional Ponds are getting a facelift! This past spring after two decades, the ponds were dredged along with major rework of paths and shoreline. We invite you to attend a pollinator presentation and help volunteer to plant some plants to restore the shoreline of this great community asset on Saturday, October 14, 9-noon. Food will be provided.


How can you get involved with

Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association?

*Volunteer for an upcoming event or activity

*Provide photos or stories for our monthly newsletter

*Volunteer to serve on the Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association Board and help make decisions about planning, promoting and connecting the community!

Got questions? Contact us at Facebook: Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association,, 612-597-9464 or