Folwell car wash supports local sports program


Amidst rain and grey clouds on Sunday, August 13 coaches, umpires, volunteers, kids and parents came out to organize a car wash to support the Folwell Park sports program. Over $350 was raised. The funds will go toward scholarships for families who want their child to participate in Folwell sports but can’t afford it, or to ease the burden of needing personal sports gear that the program doesn’t cover.

The Folwell Boys to Men club, Folwell Park and the Story Garden decided to join forces to support the families in our neighborhood and to create an afternoon where everyone got to work together to help each other out!

The Folwell sports program is dedicated to helping create strength, courage and responsibility in these young people, and commitment to each other and their community. Check out the Folwell Park website to find games times to cheer our neighborhood kids on! You can also purchase a Folwell Pride T-shirt to continue to raise money and show neighborhood pride by contacting Nate at! Thank you to all who came and gave us a reason to get wet and work hard!