Henry High School graduation highlights

“Don’t cry because it’s over,” said Xai Lor in her Valedictorian’s Address to Henry graduates on June 8, “smile because it happened.”  Lor recounted the shared experiences of her classmates over four years including:  survival of heat in the classrooms, First Fridays, the visit of First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, Hmong New Year and May Show celebrations, and numerous opportunities to serve the community.

Lor also provided graduates with a survival kit with the two most important words they should know: “thank you.” Lastly she used those two words frequently in an emotional message to her parents delivered entirely in the Hmong language.

Principal Yusuf Abdullah challenged students to continue to be mindful of their legacy as they move on to the next stage in life. Favorite teachers voted by the Class of 2017 to deliver the Keynote Address, Peter Braaten and Brionna Harder, also spoke to the importance of telling and ensuring their story is heard.

The following students received scholastic awards at the Commencement Ceremony.

  • Highest Honors

†                Honors Diploma

*               National Honor Society

◊               Completed three or more International Baccalaureate examinations

■               Completed three or more Project Lead the Way examinations

◻              Completed the MYP Personal Project in 10th Grade

  • Completed the requirements of the AVID Program


*                                Abdulkadir, Ubah A.

◊                                 Adan, Alejandra

◊*                              Bell, Dashan

◊                                 Binion, Jukimas

◊*†                            Branch, Noah Raymond

◊                                 Brogdon, Hannah Marie

◊                                 Cain, Cabrinna Kathleen

◊*                              Campbell, Margaret Ann

◻◊*                          Caprini, Sofia Kenya

◊                                 Chang, Melinda

◊                                 Colburn, Angel Bianca

†                                  Coleman, Monet

◊                                 Davis, Princess Desiree’

◊*                              Duane, Kayla Elizabeth

†                                  Essiomley, Ama Symphonie

◊*                              Fanapin Kattner, Florentina

◊*                              Fatze, Lindsey Ann

  • ◊ Gatlin, Kenney Ellis
  • ◊ Gravdal, Devyn Davonté

■◊                              Halfmann, William David

◊                                 Henne, Anja Ruth

†                                 Her, Diana

†                                 Huot, Jacob Isaiah

  • Hutchins, Catera Bree

■◊*†                         Ibrahim, Abdulkadir Ismail

◊                                 Jensen, Breanna J.

  • ◊ Johnson Jr., Todd
  • Kueng, Matthew David

◊*                              Kwabo, Angelyn

◊                                 Larkins, Denia

◻                                Lee, Angela

◻◊*†                        Lee, Crystal Maiju

◊*                              Lee, Khang Pao Sayaxang

*                                 Lee, Mai Kia

◊                                 Lee, Michelle

◊                                 Lor, Marina

◊                                 Lor, Nou Cheng

■                                 Lor, Touager

◊*†§                          Lor, Xai

  • Martin, Angel Unique

■◊                              Martin, Sheldon Glenn Hidalgo

◊                                 Maxwell, Ashia D’nae

■◊                              Menheer, Seakh

◊                                 Miller, Kahdaisha Daishell

  • Morrison, Sierra Victoria

†                                 Moua, Natalie

■◊                              Moua, Ya

  • *† Munye, Shiheina Aidarus Sharif

■◊*                           Nevalainen, Ethan Michael

■◊                              Nevalainen, Madison Alexander

◊*                              Quinn, Talaya Imani

◊                                 Ray, Jailen Christophe

  • ◊ Robinson, Erica Deyonna
  • Saidu, Caleb Nyakah

◊                                 Slavik, Josie Jayechelle

◊                                 Sonquist, Isaac Benjamin

◊                                 Sysomvong, Mike

■                                 Taylor, La’ryountae Eugene

◊                                 Thao, Billy

◊*†                            Thao, Elaine

◊*†                            Thao, Shertao

◊                                 Thao, Sota

◊                                 Turner, Dinanita Michelle

■◊                              Turner, Tyriq D.

■                                 Ulm, Jonathan

◊                                 Vang, Brandon

■                                 Vang, Cha Hmong

◊                                 Vang, Jalia

◊*†                            Vang, Jessie

■◊*†                         Vang, Julie Kalia

◊                                 Vang, Lucy

◊†                               Vang, Mai Ka

■◊*                           Vang, Michael

◊*†                            Vang, Nivea Alexandria

◻†§                           Vang, Pa Chia

◊*†                            Vang, Pache

■◊                              Vang, Rasmien

◊*†§                          Vang, Shealuck

◊                                 Vang, Zachary

■◊                              Versey, Javien Sean

■◊*†§                      Voight, Jared Anthony

◊                                 Vue, Baobai Angellia

  • Walker, Charles Kintone

◊*                              Xiong, Eve Duabci

◊*†                            Xiong, Kathy Gaolachi

◊†                               Xiong, Kayla

◊                                 Xiong, Nkaujkalia

◊                                 Xiong, Pheng

■◊                              Yang, Benny Kaiyi

◻◊*†§                     Yang, Blia

◊*                              Yang, Kou

◊*                              Yang, Sarah

†                                 Yang, Tou Ger

  • Yarbrough, Talonzo Zyion Devon