City selects Serendripity Spot to host “parklet” and outdoor seating area

To make it easier for people to stop, relax and enjoy various areas and neighborhoods of Minneapolis, the City is continuing one of its summer programs and installing three “parklets” in different parts of town.

The parklets are built on the street right next to the curb, in an area of about two parking spaces. The parklets have a deck, planters, chairs and tables for anyone to use. The goal of the parklet program is to make Minneapolis more livable, walkable and beautiful through public and private partnerships. Parklets enhance communities and encourage residents and visitors to enjoy outdoor seating and the walking and biking elements of a lively streetscape.

One of the city parklets is being hosted by the Serendripity Spot coffee shop at 3300 Lyndale North, just one block north of Lowry. Parklets also help draw people to nearby shops and restaurants, and no purchase is necessary to sit and enjoy the surroundings.