Hennepin County resources for homebuyers

Spring home buying season is here. Hennepin County has resources for house hunters to enhance, inform and supplement the home buying process.

This information is more accurate, comprehensive and reliable than home buying aggregate websites, and features unique historical information and records not found anywhere else.

  • Property information interactive map: Look up specific properties to find out exact property taxes, parcel size and the previous sale price.
  • Home history research from Hennepin County libraries: Find out homebuilder, construction date and history of owners. View historic maps, atlases, photos and news clippings about the house or neighborhood.
  • Online homestead application: File online for homestead status to lower taxes and qualify for property tax refunds, after purchasing the home.
  • Hennepin County bike map: See what trails and lanes for safe commuting and recreational biking are near potential homes.
  • Hennepin County parks map: Find nearby parks and get links to Three Rivers Park District and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

For info on all visit hennepin.us.