NorthPoint’s Annual March Food Drive

NorthPoint’s Annual March Food Drive has started. As in past years, 4th Precinct has partnered with NorthPoint, joining forces to spread the word about hunger and the lack of nourishing and nutritional food in our community. Many individuals and households quietly make the judgment call many times during the year—Do I pay my heat, (electricity, water bill) or do I buy  food? There are many who regularly shop at the various food shelves in North Minneapolis. In fact, for many families, low income singles and senior households visiting the local food shelf has become a regular part of their lives. And many know that without that regular trip to their local food shelf they would go without much needed food and sustenance. The elderly and children are yearly shown to be the ones MOST vulnerable  and most impacted by a lack of food.

This is Spring Break time, 2017!  For children and youth who eat a wholesome breakfast and nourishing lunch daily at school, this time period is not welcome.  Yes, they’ll be out of school and able to enjoy the snow, winter time activities, and spend time with friends. But many kids, who regularly have school breakfast, snacks and lunches, will go without these meals during this time period, since schools will be closed during this supposedly joyous time of the year!

This is where we at 4th Precinct come in! We will be bringing in canned and non-perishable food items during the month of March. We ask that you check food items prior to bringing them to the precinct to make sure they have not expired. The familiar, large brown barrel will be placed to the left of the entry door, as it has in previous years. We want to fill it past the brim and overflowing onto the floor! We’ve filled it before, and with your generous help we can do it again!

When shopping, please remember to pick up extra non perishable food items, sundries and personal care products for our barrel. Your neighbors thank you, the little old lady on the corner thanks you, the kids who wait at the bus stop with your kids thank you, and we at 4th precinct THANK YOU, for partnering with us, as we partner with NorthPoint once again–making sure that everyone has enough to eat, all year long!

#TogetherWeCanEndHunger, #NorthsidersEndingHunger, #2017TheYearHungerDisappears4Ever

Let’s Do This Together!

For questions, contact:

Rowena Holmes, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 4th Precinct
(612) 673-2833