Activists pave the way for a Black-led Northside credit union – you name it!

Grassroots economic activist organization, Blexit is introducing an era of economic renaissance by initiating the process to open a Black-led credit union in North Minneapolis. The effort will be led by the Association for Black Economic Power’s (ABEP) Proposed Credit Union Executive Committee.

With all eyes on North Minneapolis as the epicenter of Minnesota’s statewide challenge to insure equity between white people and Black people, ABEP seeks to establish a foundation of economic stability for the Black community by driving the process to open the only Black led financial institution in the state.

Their website,, provides details on the project and opportunities to support their efforts. ABEP is asking Northsiders and potential members to assist in naming the credit union and to sign a pledge to move their accounts once the credit union doors are open.

They are currently considering several Northside sites that are on strong thoroughfares and on public transportation intersections. They’ll have a confirmed location in early May. If Northside folks have location suggestions, they’d love to hear them.

For more info visit or contact Me’Lea Connelly at or 651-472-4392. The Association of Black Economic Power is a partnership of The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota and Blexit.