Lyndale Avenue under construction

The Department of Public Works has started a water system renovation project on Lyndale Ave. N between 48th and 49th Avenues with a scheduled completion date in April. This project is for the renovation of a large underground valve vault and replacement of one of the water system valves contained inside the vault. The vault houses several water system valves that direct the flow of water in the area and spans almost the entire width of Lyndale, just north of the ramp to eastbound I-94. A condition assessment of the vault revealed that a major renovation was necessary.

This renovation will enhance the reliability of the water main system and ensure public safety is maintained. The costs associated with this project will not be assessed to property owners.

This project involves three stages: Excavation – The contractor will remove the roadway over the vault and the vault roof and install temporary shoring systems; valve and water piping work – City of Minneapolis personnel will remove the existing valve and reconfigure the piping; vault rehabilitation – the contractor will replace wall segments and construct a new roof with reinforced concrete. Upon completion of the vault renovation, the vault will be backfilled, temporary pavement will be placed in the area, and the street will be re-opened. Permanent pavement restoration will be performed by the City later in the spring when temperatures permit.

At times, it will appear as if there is little work occurring because a majority of the work will take place inside the vault.

The project will require complete closure of Lyndale between 48th and 49th Aves. Local residents will be able to access this block from 49th, but access to the eastbound I-94 ramp will not be open from the north. Traffic will still be able to access the eastbound I-94 ramp from the south on Lyndale at Dowling. Motorists will be advised to follow posted detours and avoid cutting through local streets.