Genesys Works really works

Genesys Works is a non-profit organization that empowers and equips juniors in high school with the knowledge and skills required to achieve career success and readiness. There are three main components to this course, all of which require commitment, enthusiasm and effort.

The first component is skills training. Students attend training in the summer to gain professional office experience and IT skills that will help them succeed in a corporate workplace. Skills training not only involves learning, but interacting with new people, having fun through various workshops and events, and developing good work ethic habits.

The second part of the course is earning a paid internship. At this internship, students get a chance to earn up to $10,000 during their senior year of high school. As a young professional at a top company like General Mills, US Bank or Ameriprise Financial, students build an impressive resume and get a real-life experience of a corporate job.

The last part of the Genesys Works course is receiving college support. 100 percent of Genesys Works young professionals get accepted into college. Not only does the Genesys Works staff provide assistance for applying to colleges and the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA), they also provide one-on-one guidance with each student.

My experience at Genesys Works has been really eye-opening and positive. My internship continues to teach me more technical skills, and it opens a door of opportunities to meet professionals and learn to network. The people that I work with are genuine people who want me to grow and to learn something valuable during my time here. With the help of the Genesys Works staff, I have applied to many colleges, and I have been accepted to my top two choices. Not only did my Genesys Works Program Coordinator guide me through the process, she steadily pushed me to achieve and accomplish my goals. For me, Genesys Works isn’t only a job, it is chance to pursue opportunities that will benefit me for a life-time.

Genesys Works first started in 2002 with a class of only 10 students in Houston, Texas. Since then, it has expanded to four other cities, consisting of 2,071 young professionals. Genesys Works is a growing organization, and it looks forward to continue progressing. In order to continue progressing, I am calling out to all the 11th graders this year. Our Genesys Works application opens on January 4, 2017, and as a student ambassador, I urge you to fill out the interest link for more information: or explore the Genesys Works website: When you join Genesys Works, you are not only working towards earning a job, but a better future as well.

Submitted by Melinda Chang