Business Scoops

Do you know we have two business associations serving the Camden area? Both can help you promote your business. The Camden Business Association has been uniting local businesses to strengthen the Camden Community since 1931. Contact,,  612-547-6507 or FB. The Lowry Business Association covers one of our main Northside business corridors. Be a part of it; FB or

Serendripity coffee shop, 3300 Lyndale, offers hot drinks, light bites, conversation and activities six days a week: 6:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday; and 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The market-style menu is created from McKinley Community’s Urban Farm and strong side terra farma, along with ingredients from local vendors and co-ops. The local growing season is over but the commitment remains the same. McKinley neighborhood residents receive a five percent discount on menu items, as do people who travel to the coffee shop by foot, bike or bus from outside the area. Serendripity Spot is committed to a consumer culture where nothing has to be thrown away as landfill waste or litter, and we kindly ask you to bring a refillable travel mug if you would like a drink to-go.

Camden News writer and Board Member Buzzy Bohn says “If you make it to our neck of the woods(hood) — check out the Webber Mart on 44th and James N. The owner, Kevin Aldwaik, is a stand-up guy, very community minded, and a real asset to the community. Open 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Webber Mart has competitive milk prices, so you won’t have to run to a big box store to grab milk. More importantly, at least to me ;-), he has my hands down, favorite guilty snack food — Earl’s Cheese Curls!” Editor’s note – you can get plenty of fresh veggies there too!

New Rules North, 2015 Lowry, launched on October 15, brought new life on the horizon for the historic commercial complex at 2015 Lowry Ave. N. with access to state of the art equipment for designing, prototyping and producing product. The multi-purpose space serves as a platform for industries and communities to engage new audiences with curated events, fundraisers, pop-up workshops, art exhibitions and showcases. The New Market brings artists and creators together to present and sell their work. By selling and buying through the New Market you support the Northside community and economy. Their comprehensive program is designed to create awareness and access to knowledge and opportunity. Check web and fb or 612-548-4110.

Neighborhood HealthSource has welcomed Dr. Hindi Hussein, a family medicine doctor to the Fremont Clinic. Born in Somalia and fluent in Somali, she is an important addition to the team and to our Camden Community. Info:  Neighborhood HealthSource, 3300 Fremont, 612-287-2427.

What differentiates one chili from another? The beef. Lowry Cafe was voted best chili in the Twin Cities and says…” Lowry Cafe’s beef is locally-sourced and grass-fed, and the quality shines through in the final product. There’s more to a winning bowl of chili, but the recipe is a trade secret. Chef Taya Kaufenberg won’t say, but rumor has it that within the slow simmer of ingredients exists some kind of brown-sugared love. Whatever it is, the secret ingredient elevates the chili at this Northside joint from standard to transcendent.” Stop in for their latest delight, 2207 Lowry.

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