Happy to have a new store


I would like to point out a few flaws in the arguments made by the writer of the letter titled “Save the Terrace Theatre” in the October Camden News.

First of all, there had been no interest from any investors in renovating the dilapidated former Terrace Theatre. The argument that said Robbinsdale leaders wouldn’t allow the Terrace to be sold to those who wish to reinvent it and bring to glory is categorically wrong — no such group or people existed.

The HyVee development plan is the first investment that took an interest in that boarded up property in almost two decades. The owner of the property must be delighted to bring life back to that piece of land.

Secondly, this project is bringing a fine grocery store near one of the largest food deserts in the country here in Camden. My family and I are extremely excited to have a grocery store that we can walk to.

Issac Cheriyathu,