Thanks to Mullery

I want to thank Joe Mullery for all he has done for the Northside as our State Representative. For 20 years, Joe has been an advocate for all the people here. Joe was a huge supporter of education, especially Early Childhood Family Education and successfully fought to keep the program going when the funding was threatened. Joe was also known as a champion of Northside schools, especially Henry High School.

His ceaseless work on pollution issues on the Northside is a big reason for the current focus on the Northern Metals pollution problem. Joe’s work on the foreclosure crisis and predatory lending practices made him an authority. He appeared in Boston at a national symposium at the Federal Reserve expressing his concerns and arguing for fair treatment for foreclosure victims. Joe’s position on crime was always “firm but fair.” He did quite a number of ride-alongs with the Minneapolis Police and has a deep understanding of what cops face every day. He also very clearly recognized that the underlying issues of poverty and education needed to be addressed as part of the solution to crime.

I remember Joe going after the red flour beetle and forcing the grain elevator operators to control the bugs. Joe was very helpful in the initial Humboldt Greenway development, but at the same time worked to make sure people being relocated were treated fairly. I worked with him on several of these situations.

Joe’s passion for helping others knew no bounds. He was an early advocate and leader in affirmative action areas of housing and employment to assist many immigrant communities. He is also known as an advocate for equal rights for all with fair housing as well as pushing for funding on programs that offer job training for unemployed and under employed people.

Many of us have stories to share about Joe’s hard work and service to this community. We owe Joe a big thank you for his service. Thanks Joe!

Tom Bain,