Spoken Word in the Story Garden

The Story Garden on 35th and Humboldt Ave. N will be hosting a night of Spoken Word on Saturday September 10, at 7 p.m. Join us with powerhouses Joe Davis, S’sence, Grant Bielefeld and more as we hear part of their stories through the art form of Spoken Word. This event is free for all, with refreshments provided. The last performance by Joe will also include creative writing instruction. We want to help give students and adults tools to know and understand their own stories, and how to start communicating them. All participants will receive a notebook and pen from the Story Garden to encourage their journey of storytelling.

With food in abundance in the garden, we want to give folks amble opportunity to see what is in the space and come and feel connected to the garden to reinforce that this community garden belongs to them. Even more than that, the goal of the Story Garden is to help plant seeds of change, foster hope and cultivate peace. We do this through story. We each come to the garden with our own story, we write our own story when we gather together in the garden, and we have the power to use our story to impact the community. Stories are the catalyst for revolutions, revelations and revitalizations. Come and join us at the garden!