Save the Terrace Theatre

Many of you have probably heard the noise from across the border in Robbinsdale about a proposed HyVee store and demolition of the historic Terrace Theatre. I’m writing in support of redevelopment of the Terrace Mall but I am not in support of demolishing the Terrace Theatre.

Brought to life by the prominent Twin Cities architects Liebenberg and Kaplan, the Terrace Theatre stood proud as their crowning achievement and final indoor movie theatre they designed.  As a groundbreaking example of a completely new movie theatre experience, the Terrace Theatre attracted nationwide praise from the entertainment industry. As a popular Robbinsdale destination, the Terrace Theatre stood tall for more than 40 years as a local destination for community gathering and entertainment.

The Terrace Theatre is both historically and culturally important to the citizens of Robbinsdale, and the state of Minnesota as a whole. The Friends of the Historic Terrace seeks to preserve this important structure, with the intention of restoring and reopening the building to continue the service to the citizens of the Robbinsdale area that it began in 1951.

I hope the citizens and city council of Robbinsdale City can come to a compromise that will provide us with a local grocery store as well as a vibrant entertainment venue in this historic building.

If you’d like to contribute to saving the Terrace Theatre, you can make a donation through PayPal at or mail a check to Friends of the Historic Terrace, PO Box 22354, Robbinsdale, MN 55422.

Donna Seline,