The Story Garden: Growing hope and reclaiming peace

It was almost dusk and a handful kids that live by the Story Garden at 35 and Humboldt started to throw rocks at the community board. Plants started to get pulled out of the ground. Sticks were ripped from fence posts and were wielded as swords. Tomatoes were thrown in the street.

These are the realities of open space. It is a community garden with a host of interesting things to explore. Vandalism isn’t new to the garden. But then… “Hey! You gotta stop that! That ain’t right. Folks are working hard to do something beautiful here! You need to respect that. You need to get out and you can come back when you want to help instead of doing damage!”

That was the voice of two men, who had never attended a garden event or even harvested from it, who were walking by the garden and called the kids out on their behavior. Protecting hope. Doing a piece in their part of creating a story where we look out for each other. Cultivating the good things and trying to change the hard things.

If you would like to be a part of this community garden or any of the other thriving Northside community gardens contact Dani at You can follow all the stories and events on Facebook under The Story Garden.

The Story Garden is hosting lots of events in August!

August 2 – National Night Out  – Come and do some fun activities with music and painting in the garden.

August 12 – Growtry – A spoken word event with nationally known local artist Joe Davis, and local North High students. Food starts at 7 p.m., performances start at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

August 27 – Irving Avenue Follies present “An Old Fashioned Street Fair!” Parade starts at noon at Lowry and Irving and will head to the garden where there will be live music, food, bounce houses, performers, activities and prizes. This is a “celebrate our neighborhood diversity” party! Invite a friend, everyone is welcome!

If you would like to host an event at the garden or be involved with what is already going on, contact Dani at