Fall Folwell sports and fun

Flag Football. Flag Football is an exciting program that focuses on developing players in areas of fundamental skills such as running patterns, blocking, catching, passing and teamwork. Sportsmanship and having fun is stressed along with learning the game of football. Season games begin September 17 through October 22. Practice begins in late August. Ages 6-7, $20. Folwell Rec Center, Tues. Thurs., Fri., 8/30-10/25, 6-7:15 p.m.

Northside Soccer Club. Let’s focus on the fundamentals. Teams will practice and play a game each week with an emphasis on fun and skill building! Everyone plays! Children should come dressed ready to play. Each player will receive a t-shirt and matching socks representing their park team. Players are required to wear shin guards, soccer shoes or lace tennis shoes. Practices  begin in late August. Ages 5-8, $10. Folwell Rec Center, Saturdays, 9/10-10/8, 10-11 a.m.

Football (August-November). Fee $60. • 10U: birthdates 9/1/06-9/1/08 • 12U: birthdates 9/1/04-9/1/06 • 14U: birthdates 9/1/02-9/1/04.

Soccer (mid August-October) Fee: $25. • 11U Open: birthdates 9/1/05-9/1/07 • 11U Girls: birthdates 9/1/05 – 9/1/07 • 13U Open: birthdates 9/1/03-9/1/05 • 13U Girls: birthdates 9/1/03- 9/1/05.

Girls Volleyball (October-December) Fee: $10. • 11U: birthdates 9/1/05-9/1/07 • 13U: birthdates 9/1/03-9/1/05.

Junior Chefs Cooking. Put on an apron, step into the kitchen and let’s learn to cook! Nothing brings people together like good food. Learn the how to, try new recipes, and learn from your mistakes, all while having fun. Participants will work individually and in small groups, with hands-on experiences making delicious, healthy snacks and meals. Safety is emphasized while eye-hand coordination and dexterity improves through lifelong skills. Ages 9-13, free. Folwell Rec Center, Mondays, 9/19- 12/5, 5:30-7 p.m.

Soul Line Dancing. Come explore this fun and exciting new dance class. Instructor Ms. Lenora will get you moving in sync to fun and upbeat music. Learn new line dances and enjoy all the healthy benefits of dancing. Ages 18+, free. Folwell Rec Center, Wednesdays,  8/24-12/28, 6-7 p.m.

Register for all at minneapolisparks.org or at Folwell Park.