Free home energy efficiency visits

The City of Minneapolis is offering free home visits from energy-saving experts to income-qualified Minneapolis residents, including renters. Join more than 9,000 households that have already benefitted from the program. Home Energy Squad visits bring energy efficiency experts to participants’ homes to install energy-saving materials and make recommendations on energy-saving upgrades. Minneapolis households over the income limit for the free visits can still receive the visit for $70.

At the home visit a team of energy consultants will: Install energy-saving materials such as door weatherstripping, a water heater blanket, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, a programmable thermostat, and high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators. They will also test for air leaks, inspect attic and wall insulation using an infrared camera, recommend energy upgrades based on the test results, and check heating systems and water heaters for safety. And they will provide a quote for insulation and/or air sealing and the opportunity to connect with a qualified contractor if applicable.

The City offers free visits to qualified households with an income less than $48,100 for one person, $54,950 for two people, $61,850 for three people, or up to $90,650 for eight people. If the Home Energy Squad recommends insulation or air sealing, income-qualified residents also have special access to zero percent financing to complete that work.

Homeowners can call to confirm eligibility and schedule a visit. Funds are limited. To schedule a Home Energy Squad visit, call 612-335-5874 or visit