What’s next at the Story Garden

Community gardens give us the space needed to see each other, work together, play together and build our neighborhood together. It won’t ever solve our city’s problems. It can’t get at the root cause of systematic injustice, or economic, religious and racial division. It can however give us the space we need to start a new story. To engage with each other, no matter how different we are, and start the story toward healing and hope. A story of real food for our bodies, and real relationships for our neighborhood.

A community garden reclaims empty space filling it with fresh real food, beauty and design. It reclaims abandon property that has endured neglect and fills it with hope and healing, and people tend to the earth and bring it back to life. It reclaims scared and nervous neighbors who don’t want to come out of their homes, giving them a place to meet each other and build relationships. It reclaims our individuality and gives us a common goal to work towards.

On May 14 the Story Garden hosted its Garden Launch Party. Around 50 people came out to help work and get the space ready for a summer full of food and events. It was incredibly beautiful to see all the different folks who came. Most of them are neighbors who have been watching the garden come to life and wanted to be a part of it. There was so much soul and energy in that space that it drew onlookers over to come and join in. We built garden boxes, moved dirt, shoveled wood chips, and made trellises and reading huts. I watched as strangers worked on projects together, got to know each other and traded handshakes for hugs by the end of the day. Not a thing got planted that day! We worked together to make something beautiful in our little part of the Camden Community.

There is still lots to do, and of course things to be planted! If you would like to join us, host an event, or keep up to date on the fun things planned, join the Story Garden on Facebook, or email Dani at danielle.tietjen@gmail.com.

Upcoming events: June 3, Movie Night at 8ish; June 11, Bike and Garden Tour; June 14, Weed and Work Day, 3-6 p.m.; June 13, Music with Rachel Kurtz, 10 a.m.; July 2, Movie Night at 8ish; and July 3, Garden Work Day, 2-5 p.m.