The Story Garden

Previously known as the NoMi Homie Garden, this community garden at 35th and Humboldt is reinventing itself and sticking to its roots as a place where stories are born, created and shared. It’s now called the Story Garden.

For years this lot belonged to a beautiful family who lived on the Northside for more than 30 years. They raised their family there, invested in the community and gave back. Then the tornado in 2011 took the house they called home, and the Folwell neighborhood was forced to say good bye to Terry and Spencer Sanders as they moved away.

The lot sat empty for over two years and then the city released it as a garden plot in their ever-expanding urban garden initiative. Since then, the community gardeners have produced fresh food for the neighborhood; hosted bonfire nights, composting classes, movie nights, story times, education; and neighbors have spent countless hours weeding together.

The garden’s name has been elusive and has changed depending on who you ask. Well, we are taking it up a notch now. The name has been officially changed to the Story Garden, where stories are created and shared. The Camden Lions have become the official sponsors, and plans to create a more inviting environment have been put into place.

We are so excited about the plans for the garden this summer; heirloom plants, more events, and opportunities for neighbors to hang out together. If you are interested in knowing more, you can join the Facebook group the Story Garden, or contact Dani at We are still looking for volunteers to help build plant boxes, an arbor, shed and pathways. If you have building skills, plant skills, or you want to help us paint all the signs, we need you! This is, in every sense of the word, a communal garden. We plan together, plant together, build together, play together, work together and harvest together.

Upcoming April event for The Story Garden: Saturday, April 30 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Garden clean up, box building and sign painting. All are welcome!