Superstitious Thriller – Jazzy Tribute to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder


The much-loved music of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder comes to the Capri stage with an irresistible jazz twist when Legends @ the Capri presents Superstitious Thriller – A Jazzy Tribute to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 23 and 3 p.m. Sunday, April 24 at the Capri Theater, 2027 West Broadway. Tickets are $25 or $20 each for groups of 10 or more; available at or 612-343-3390.

Bass virtuoso Jay Young brings together a band of stellar Twin Cities’ musicians who will transform this familiar music right before your eyes. “Everyone knows at least five or six tunes by Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson,” said Young, “but we’re going ‘off the page’ to find that surprising something that touches hearts in an instant. The music will be different and familiar at the same time, and it will stir      your soul.”

In addition to Young on piccolo bass, the band includes Kevin Washington on drums, Eric Kamau Gravatt (of Weather Report fame) on percussion, Ian Young on bass, Scott Fultz on saxophone, Ernest Bison on violin, and Yolande Bruce, Heather McElrath and Linda Sloan on vocals.

“Get ready for a steamin’ smokin’ concert!” said Dennis Spears, Artistic Director of Legends @ the Capri. Info: or Capri Director James Scott at, or 612-643-2024.