42nd Avenue reconstruction planned


The City of Minneapolis Department of Public Works recently held an open house to discuss and the proposed street reconstruction project for 42nd Avenue North. The City Council initiated the proposal to address deteriorating pavement, necessary utility upgrades, missing or broken sidewalks, safety and accessibility/compliance issues, use by bicyclists, and improving storm water management, among other goals. The area affected by reconstruction is the section of 42nd Avenue from Xerxes on the Victory Memorial Parkway to Lyndale. It is scheduled to take place during the 2018 and 2019 construction seasons.

This means digging up and removing the current street, and making a subgrade correction. (Subgrade is the native material underneath a constructed road; it is also called formation level and can refer to imported material.) It means updating utilities, and laying a brand new street, pavement, curbs and gutters. Sidewalks will be repaired or installed as needed. Currently some pedestrian walk sections do not comply with the American Disabilities Act, and that will be corrected to provide access to all. There is also no sidewalk on the south side of 42nd between Penn and James, and the track of land near the Camden Central Pond. That gap will be filled in with sidewalk, and a continuous boulevard will be put in place to act as a buffer from the street to making walking more safe and pleasant.

Many considerations go into planning and design – transportation use, right of way, narrowness or width of traffic lanes, the impact of Minnesota winters, tree canopy, current and future use of adjacent land, and other projects the city has in place. Current nearby projects include C Line and D Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Fremont Avenue Pedestrian Enhancements, and the North Minneapolis Greenway Design. A preliminary design for 42nd Avenue is due for the spring/summer of 2016, with a complete design scheduled for Fall 2016. When complete, 42nd Avenue will be much improved structurally as well as visually, with new trees and landscaping.

Public Works Engineer Christopher Engelmann says the 2016 Council Adopted Budget for the 42nd Ave N (Xerxes to Lyndale Ave N) shows an estimate project cost of $11,565,000 split over budget years 2018 and 2019. The estimate is a base cost and is reviewed yearly. The actual project cost will be impacted by the input from the community as a layout is developed and during final design.

Residents, businesses, land owners and the Webber-Camden and Victory neighborhoods – or anyone else interested — can contact city planners with questions, input or concerns. Planners have been reviewing input from the open house event, and continuing to make adjustments for presentation of the final plan. City of Minneapolis contact points are Nathanan Koster, City Transportation Planner, at Nathan.Koster@minneapolismn.gov, 612-673-3638; and Chris Engelmann, City Street Designer, at Chris.Engelmann@minneapolismn.gov, 612-673-3274. Find the project at minneapolismn.gov/cip/future/WCMS1P, it includes a full powerpoint presentation from the February open house.