Residential organics drop-off at Folwell Park

The Folwell Neighborhood in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling opened a residential organics drop-off at Folwell Park on August 19.

Residential organics include all food waste (including food you shouldn’t compost in a backyard bin such as meat, bones, and dairy products), food-soiled and non-recyclable paper (egg cartons, paper plates), and other compostable materials such as coffee grounds, filters, cotton swabs, dryer lint, and popsicle sticks. Yard waste and pet waste are not accepted. Residents must drop-off their organic materials in a compostable bag (either a paper grocery bag or a certified compostable plastic bag). Larger items such as pizza boxes and egg cartons do not need to be bagged.

The drop-off will be open to all Minneapolis residents at no cost. For the first several weeks, the drop-off will be open Tuesdays evenings (4-7 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (9 a.m.-noon). Volunteers will be on site to answer questions, train new participants, and gather some information from residents using the drop off. After volunteers are no longer needed, those who sign up to participate for the drop-off will be given the code to the locks.

For info on the Folwell Park residential organics drop-off and the citywide organics recycling program roll-out, visit