North Minneapolis greenway demonstration project

If you live in North Minneapolis, you may have heard people talking about a proposed north-south greenway that would most likely run the length of North Humboldt and/or Irving Avenues between 44th and Glenwood Avenues, eventually connecting with Van White Boulevard.

This proposal is currently in its third year of outreach on the Northside, and the City of Minneapolis is now considering bringing a greenway demonstration project to some of the residents on the proposed route so that people can see how a greenway could be used. The demonstration (which could last up to a year) aims to take place on Irving Avenue between Folwell and Jordan Parks. It would convert the street to a space for bicycles and pedestrians, with low-cost elements that can be installed and removed easily. This demonstration would give neighbors a chance to try it out and see how a greenway could possibly fit into the community. If the temporary greenway is successful, it may be possible to convert the space to a permanent greenway in the future.

The City of Minneapolis wants help to plan how the temporary greenway can be best utilized by area residents. Folks affected in the greenway area may attend two upcoming community events to help plan the temporary Irving greenway. These meetings will be a chance for neighbors to share ideas, answer questions and gather feedback. For info check or contact