A new place for neighbors to gather

By Danielle Tietjen

There is a new community garden on the Northside. The NoMi Homie garden, at 35th and Humboldt, is more than just a place to plant and grow food, this garden is designed for neighbors to come together.
The folks with Project Sweetie Pie, the Camden Lions and the Superman Project all wanted to create a place where folks can get to know each other–and where events and classes can be held to provide enrichment in a natural way. It is a place to learn together, be together and grow together as a community. Folks at the garden are trying hard to make sure that the community event board communicates when the classes and events are.
Already, as neighbors have been out digging and weeding and planting, so many folks walking by have stopped to talk and get to know each other. People who only live blocks from one another have discovered neighbors they never knew they had. This garden isn’t a plot- reserved space, this truly is a garden for all to come and enjoy! The NoMi Homie garden is an open public garden for anyone to come and weed and harvest. Just throw the weeds you pick in the compost!
If you are interested in being a part of this project, follow NoMi Homie gardening on Facebook. Or if you are interested in being on the email list or leading a class, contact danielle.tietjen@gmail.com.
Upcoming events include: Sunday, July 5, 3-6 p.m., weeding and BBQ at the NoMi Homie garden. By this time, items will be ready to harvest so everyone can go home with fresh produce. Bring a dish to share as all dinners are potluck. Contact danielle.tietjen@gmail.com for more info. On Friday, July 31 at dusk (8:30ish) is movie night at the NoMi Homie garden. Kid friendly. The movie will be posted on the community event board at the garden and on NoMi Homie gardening found on Facebook. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on. Bonfire included.